Infamous - Ace Atkins

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Ace Atkins

Infamous - Ace Atkins

George "Machine Gun" Kelly wasn't the brightest, most ambitious, or even deadliest, of the 1930s desperadoes who generated headlines and manhunts, and ,later, movies. He never killed anyone, and made one big score, the kidnapping of oilman Charles Urschel, from which his brief infamy grew. But he was the first FBI's "Public Enemy Number One," and Ace Atkins has taken the story of that 1933 summer and turned it into an authentic, complex novel that keeps the pages turning. Basing his book on extensive files, newspaper accounts, and interviews with relatives of Kelly's ambitious wife, Kathryn, Atkins has produced a book that is more than just a crime novel.

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Infamous - Ace Atkins

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